Kyoob (Cube) is a power of three ideals:

Service, Vision & Quality

The core objective of Kyoob Design Group is to provide the highest level of professional Service, Vision & Quality to our clients. Kyoob Design Group works with a diverse client base, from Financial Institutions & Corporate Offices to Wineries & Hospitality.

Kyoob Design Group corporate offices are located in downtown Santa Rosa, making us accessible to the Telecom Valley, the Wine Industry and the whole Bay Area. With national clients and strategic alliances we look forward to developing as a company offering Service, Vision & Quality to all our clients and Projects.


Marian Morioka
Director of Design & CEO
Marian's strength in conceptual design, design detailing, along with her sense of space and scale is reflected in her creative designs and documentation. Her understanding of client relationships and business management set the tone for Kyoob's design direction.

Joe Styles
Design Director / Project Manager & CFO
Joe's well rounded range of work experience and conceptual design skills help produce quality projects. Joe's organizational methods have been a key ingredient in our success.

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